Serving the Youth of Southern Colorado

Southern Colorado Youth for Christ has been coming along-side incarcerated youth and their families in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for over fifteen years. Volunteers and staff facilitate small groups and one-on-one coach/mentoring sessions serving these youth. We mentor young people who often have been victimized themselves, have committed serious crimes, and repeatedly feel hopeless alienation. Our deepest desire for each one is to come to understand they have been created with purpose, have opportunity for a renewed heart and mind through their Creator…Jesus, and to team up with a YFC Coach/Mentor to walk beside them as they reenter community; never to return.

Currently, Youth for Christ provides these type of services in three of the eight detention, group home, and youth related facilities that have invited us to work with their youth. In some cases, we also provide praise and worship services, devotionals, and small group Bible studies.